Sutton Community Farm

Client Profile

Sutton Community Farm are London’s largest community farm, a not-for-profit social enterprise growing fresh vegetables using organic principles, as well as providing a shared space for the local community to cultivate skills. SCF wish to set up a process to collect coffee grounds from cafes and restaurants that they deliver vegetables to – using the coffee grounds to enhance soil fertility and ultimately, yield. The project creates a closed loop recycling system and helps cafes and restaurants deal with a common waste stream.

ICG Proposition

A team of 4 ICG consultants worked for 4 weeks and delivered a slide deck and written report to the client.

  • Issues Identified:
    • Developing an implementation strategy for the “ground-to-ground” coffee bean recycling project
    • Minimization of risks for all stakeholder and unlocks potential new opportunities of collaboration between our client and his customers
  • ICG Recommendations: Cannot be disclosed