Our Team

 President – Alvaro Robledo Vega

I am a 3rd year EEE student and I will be the man leading this society as President for the upcoming year. After having served ICG for my first two years at Imperial, starting off as an Associate and then moving up to Project Manager, Engagement Manager and VP Operations, I have watched this society grow exponentially, both in number of projects and in member satisfaction. It is my mission to make the necessary adjustments to ensure this direction is maintained. I hope for another successful year for ICG, with higher quality projects and increased client satisfaction, to consolidate our position as the #1 student pro bono consultancy in London.

Vice President (Projects) – Shukai Wang

I am a first year PhD student, studying the behavior of an HIV protein in lipid bilayers using computational methods. I have served in the Imperial Consultancy Society for two years: the first year as VP Corporate Functions, Analytics, and Strategies and the second year as a project manager for Imperial Consulting Group. Over the two years, I have completed four ICG consulting projects either as an analyst or as a project manager. I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to become VP Projects this year working for ICG. I hope I can share my enjoyment with our members by providing more opportunities and high-quality projects.

Vice President (Operations) – Mingiyan Ushanov

I am currently in my second year of MEng Aeronautical Engineering and I have been a member of ICG since my day one at Imperial. During my time as an Associate and a Project Manager, I was exposed to the industry for the first time: from brainstorming to execution, bringing value to our clients has made me appreciate what Consulting truly means. I look forward to another exciting year at ICG, supporting the workflow as the VP Operations and working on the new projects as the Engagement Manager.

Vice President (Marketing and Technology) – Lionel Ong

I am a 3rd year student in Chemical Engineering. I started out as a Corporate Functions, Analytics, and Strategies Associate with Imperial College Consulting Society last year where I got exposed to Imperial Consulting Group (ICG). I joined ICG last year and was fortunate to be selected as an associate for a project regarding a decision making tool. It was a very exciting and interesting project which furthered my interest in consulting. Having enjoyed my experience in ICG, I am committed to strengthen the ICG brand image to further promote our activities to the students in Imperial as well as foster a greater sense of identity.  I love designing and I hope that viewing our website, Facebook and LinkedIn is a pleasant and inviting experience!

Vice President (Training) – Ernest Huang

I am a 4th year Materials Engineer who joined ICG as an associate in 2015. After 2 years in ICG, working first as an associate, project manager and most recently an engagement manager, I wish to pass on my experience to a new generation of aspiring consultants. This year, I hope to formalize a syllabus that will help new associates and project managers get the most out of their consulting experience with ICG.