Oorja (Social Enterprise Start-up)

Client Profile

Oorja is a social enterprise, with the mission to produce locally generated renewable energy for off-grid communities in rural India to address energy poverty.

  • Oorja will build, install and maintain decentralised, easy to operate waste-to-energy plants that will produce electricity from agricultural waste using biomass gasification.
  • The first plant will be installed in Bahraich district, rural Uttar Pradesh, India, in late 2016.
  • The client aims to conduct market research on micro grids and distributed generation using renewable energy sources in India

ICG Proposition

A team of 7 ICG consultants worked for 6 weeks and delivered a slide deck and written report to the client.

  • Issues Identified:
    • Conduct thorough market research on the renewable energy landscape in India.
    • Performing competitor analysis on existing companies/NGOs operating micro grids in India.
    • Cost analysis of micro-grid provisions as compared with grid connection and alternative technologies.
    • Analysis of possible challenges faced (infrastructure, areas of improvement etc.)
  • ICG Recommendations:
    • Wind and solar energy have a significant footprint in India, but uncaptured wind potential, and biomass and small hydro energy also offer healthy potential.
    • Husk Power was identified as one of Oorjas largest competitors and a Case study showed their strengths and weaknesses and how Oorja can learn from them.
    • Over all costs and sources of cost minimisation were identified. Reduction of feedstock and staffing showed the most potential to reduce cost.
    • Challenges were investigated by financial, storage, transition and others.

Client Feedback

ICG delivers work of a high standard and deals competently and professionally with their clients. The student consultants delivered both written and oral outputs of excellent quality and promptly delivered a competitive analysis for Oorja that was very insightful and useful. We are very glad to have worked with ICG and would certainly recommend them to others!

Sample Slides