HDI (Charitable Social Enterprise)

Client Profile

Hope Development Initiative is a social enterprise that has mobilised over 10,000 famers in Amolatar district, Uganda into a cooperative and farmers groups to engage in farming as a business for rural transformation. The business uses three fundamental principles of rural development such as: Sustainable Agriculture; Education and Health, with the aim to help eradicate poverty and create wealth for the people of Amolatar and the entire region.

ICG Proposition

A team of 5 ICG consultants worked for 6 weeks and delivered a slide deck and written report to the client.

  • Issues Identified:
    • HDI has faced problems to get investments and sponsors due to unclear business structure.
      • What part generates income and which part is charitable?
    • How should HDI best conduct impact measurements and what are investors looking for.
    • Develop a strategy for HDI’s branding and marketing.
  • ICG Recommendations:
    • After fully understanding the complexity of HDI and the different sectors of their work, ICG proposed spitting HDI into one charitable organization and one profit generating business to clarify for investors/sponsors where their money will go.
    • Recommended moving a fixed percentage of profits to charitable organization.
    • Guidelines and best practice examples were presented to the client.
    • Through case studies of similar organizations ICG presented the client with a step by step guide for HDI to follow.

Client Feedback

Thank you very much for your hard work, it is such a mind blowing piece of work that will take us to another level and sets a new beginning for HDI quest of supporting its community towards a better life. It was such a great pleasure having you manage this work and a big thank you to the whole Imperial Consulting Group.

Sample Slides