CustoMem (Biotech Start-up)

Client Profile

CustoMem is a start-up that uses synthetic biology tools to produce customisable biomaterials for a sustainable future.

  • Their unique selling proposition is that CustoMem production process is fully energy efficient, and does not require any harsh chemicals and has no hazardous discharge.
  • CustoMem developed a proof of concept prototype for specific capture of nickel using ultrafiltration membranes as part of a larger platform technology development in 2014. A major textile manufacturer is in conversation with CustoMem regarding adopting the membranes for a pilot plant.

ICG Proposition

A team of 7 ICG consultants worked for 6 weeks and delivered a slide deck and written report to the client.

  • Issues Identified:
    • Competitive analysis of alternative technologies that will be available within 5 years
    • Potential Partnerships for pilot plants
    • What biotech accelerator programs can CustoMem take part in and what grants should they apply for
  • ICG Recommendations:
    • Conducted a competitor analysis of CustoMem’s product; the low cost and customizability outweighs that of the competitors
    • Identified cotton textile manufacturers as the most accessible market and suggested Adidas, Burbery and Gap as the most likely to pursue a pilot plant project with CustoMem on the basis of their past projects
    • Suggested Climat KIC accelerator, MassChallenge UK and Seedcamp UK as good accelerator programs for CustoMem to apply for.

Client Feedback

Great communication between the project team and the client, with regards to project progress and planning. The team exhibited a strong understanding of the project requirements. We will use ICG services for future consulting projects.