Computer Aid International

Client Profile

Computer Aid International is an ICT4D charity that generates income from selling refurbished computers to disadvantaged communities in developing countries. It was granted the Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Queen as the official provider of Computer Recycling Services to Her Majesty. In 2013, they have provided more than 220,000 computers to over 130 organisations across 32 countries around the world.

ICG Proposition

A team of 5 ICG consultants worked for 6 weeks and delivered a slide deck and written report to the client.

  • Issues Identified:
    • Identification of new markets and recommendations on strategies to enter the new markets on our client’s product, a solar powered computer lab in a shipping container, through market analysis.
    • A competitor analysis to identify the comparative advantage of the product in order to improve product quality and competitiveness
  • ICG Recommendations:
    • Two new markets to enter after performing cost-benefit analysis. (Entry strategies were formulated according to different markets, together with a risk analysis to highlight the barriers in entering the markets).
    • Entering the first suggested markets would potentially benefit 9.8 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the second market would lead to a projected income growth of 8% to users in 5 years.
    • An entry strategy with feedback mechanism, which allows a revise in business and marketing planning after initial implementation.