A Fruitful LEK Mentoring Session

It has been an exciting and busy period for the ICG teams. Many of the teams are trying hard to develop optimal solutions for our clients. At some point or another, the teams will face certain challenges in achieving the desired deliverable but thankfully, each ICG team has the support of 1-2 consultants from LEK Consulting!

One of ICG’s autumn project team, Vary Gap, went down to the LEK office at Victoria for their first mentoring session. The team faced many issues regarding market sizing, estimating or finding customer preferences and generating novel ideas. Solving these issues are key to tackling the problem.

The LEK mentors were great in listening to the team’s concerns and gave a lot of great tips and advice. They shared similar challenges faced in their day to day work as well as how did they learn to overcome them. They were very dedicated and willing to help which resulted in a meeting that lasted for about 3 hours! The team is very thankful for the extra time the consultants took to help them out.

It was a great sharing session and the team benefited greatly from the mentoring session and can’t wait to head back for the next!


2017 Autumn Term Project Launch

We are delighted to announce that Imperial Consulting Group is launching 6 new exciting projects for you to get involved this Autumn term. These projects will have a duration of 6 or 8 weeks.

All our projects are strategy-oriented, which gives you an amazing chance to get real consulting project experience and learn more about what kind of services top Management and Strategy Consulting firms provide to their clients. In addition, each project will get support from L.E.K. Consulting, our training partner.

Find out more about our exciting projects here.

Please apply here, latest by Tuesday 17th of October 23:59. Every applicant can state their preference for up to a maximum of 3 projects.

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ICG are looking for projects!

Imperial Consulting Group are currently in the process of acquiring projects for the upcoming academic term for our members to get involved in. Do you have or know of a company or start up that would be interested in getting help from our team of aspiring consultants please get in contact to discuss further how ICG can help.

We hope to work with you and your colleagues in the future.

Please contact us at